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Context is Everything

Monique Martin

November 20, 2020 - January 15, 2021

Monique Martin is a multi-disciplinary artist from Saskatoon, Canada. She has exhibited her artwork in more than 242 significant solo, invited and juried group exhibitions in ten countries. More than 50 of these were solo exhibitions in public galleries. Renowned international curators have selected her artwork for various exhibitions worldwide. Her works are held in more than forty-four public and private collections in ten different countries.

Her work often uses significant symbols or comments on contemporary social issues. Monique creates bodies of work rather individual pieces and focuses on specific concepts, she undertakes extensive research prior to creating her work, often incorporating historically significant symbols and images to express her ideas. Her works push the boundaries of standard printmaking: enormous scale printmaking, installation based printmaking and working with three dimensions in printmaking.

Every action, interaction, and observation produces an energy that vibrates within her and connects her to the people with whom she is in contact.  Sometimes a small incident, a promise only half-intended, a touch, or a casual remark, can set off a chain of events that will alter lives and change destinies. Like a pebble in a pond, the rings of energy keep moving outward from the initial touch, whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.  It is in responding to these ever-changing ripples in the connections between humans that inspires her work. Her work utilizes ever-changing concepts and images because her art is a way of exploring who she is, who she was, who she is becoming, and where she fits into the world around her. 

Monique was Artist-in-Residence for Disneyland Paris, Paris, France (2013), the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival (2013), the Saskatchewan Children's Festival (2012), Bytown Museum, Ottawa, Canada (2010), Spalding, United Kingdom (2008), Nice, France (2006), Vallauris, France (2006), Mount Vernon, USA (2004), Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia (2003) and Coaticook, QC, Canada (2001). 

Fabricated Nature

Cheryl Andrist & Marilynn Malo

November 20, 2020 - January 15, 2021

This exhibition features the works of the co-winners of the 2019 EAC Evelyn Johnson Memorial Annual Adjudicated exhibition, Cheryl Andrist and Marilynn Malo.

Cheryl Andrist is a Saskatchewan based artist.  She received her BFA in 2004 from the University of Regina, where she majored in printmaking.   She has exhibited at the Fifth Parallel Gallery and her artwork was included in an OSAC touring exhibition.   She was the 2004 winner of the BMO 1st Art Competition and in 2009 won the proposal from the City of Estevan to install a public sculpture.   

"How does one protect the ephemeral?  How do we catch beauty without destroying it?  And why does it matter?  I am referring to all Butterfly Species who flit around in our vast country, Canada.  Scientifically known as Lepidoptera, about one-tenth of these are butterflies, the rest are moths.  I have always been interested in nature, possibly because, as a young girl, I would go for long walks on the prairie with my maternal grandmother, who talked about the insects, butterflies, frogs, snakes, plants and fungi.  It always was an enjoyable time having my grandmother talk about the natural world.  Now, recently, I have noticed such a decline in our butterflies.   I intend to make a body of work which will display images of the more common butterflies from our area. The representation will give expression to their beauty and to the plants upon which each are attracted to for their food supply.  Through my love of nature, and the fact of living on a farm, I observe the butterflies who do move around in my yard during the summer months.  These past years there seems to be way less butterflies, especially specific species.  I want my imagining to speak to an audience with intent to bring attention to what we are losing in nature." - Taken from the statement of the artist

Marilynn Malo is a Saskatchewan based artist.   She has exhibited in several shows across the province and has a piece of artwork in the Saskatchewan Arts Board permanent collection.     She served as a board member on the Saskatchewan ARts Board for several years.   She was also the owner of Malo Gallery and Gifts in Indian Head.

"The subject matter for these wall hangings are endless.  One could go on and on with the various plants, flowers and even trees.  I have done a large variety of quilts and wall hangings using this theme.   I love the endless variety of designs one can build on with this theme.   I've used a variety of methods to portray the subject matter:  paint, applique, machine embroidery and thread painting with my sewing machine.  The colours are as varied as the fabrics I work with.   Paint, thread and fabric are my mediums.   I had a great deal of fun choosing the fabrics for each wall hanging.  That's always my starting point." - Taken from the statement of the artist.

(L) Cheryl Andrist      (R) Marilynn Malo

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