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OSAC Annual Adjudicated Art Exhibition, organised by the Estevan Arts Council | Gallery 1

November 30th - December 20th, 2013

Throughout the province of Saskatchewan, adjudications are hosted and funded partly by arts councils, and by the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC) through Saskatchewan Lotteries and the Saskatchewan Arts Board. The Estevan Arts Council has been hosting a yearly Adjudicated Art Show since 1984. The goal of this program is to promote the growth of culture by providing opportunities for emerging artists to show their work. This allows artists to participate in informational and hands-on workshops and develop critical skills through participating in group and individual critiques with adjudicators. Adjudicators are selected by the arts councils from OSAC’s Visual Arts Resource Manual, a document that lists professional artists, arts educators and curators that are available to offer programming. In 2013, the adjudicator was Saskatchewan artist Judy Swallow. Judy received formal education from Brandon University and the University of Regina, as well as the Minnesota School of Art where she received her Art Certificate and several awards. She has also studied with various artists such as Michael Lonechild and wildlife artist Bob Kuhn.

The artists who participated in the OSAC Annual Adjudicated Art Exhibition were:Gene De La Cruz, Byron Fichter, Kayla Hanson, Evelyn Johnson, Darlene Martin, Michelle Miller, Aaron Salamon, Corinne Trebick-Gibson, Marleen Vicary, Julie-Anne Wallewein, Eileen McKersie and Zack Jocelyn.

With special thanks to Shirley Andrist for her support.

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