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The Estevan Art Gallery & Museum Members' Show | Gallery 2

November 30th - December 20th, 2013

Members of the Estevan Art Gallery & Museum were invited to submit up to two works of art of their choosing for the inaugural Members' Show. In doing so, the gallery walls become a platform to celebrate the diversity of skill and range of mediums the local artistic community is engaged with. The result is the representation of a variety of practices; from painting, photography, graphic art and mixed media, to textiles, sculpture and artists’ books. Without restrictions on the contemporaneity of these works, it becomes possible to observe the progression of an artist’s oeuvre. Furthermore, artistic themes range widely. There are works displayed that invite us to reflect on spirituality, vibrant portraiture or fantastical dreamworlds. They hint at narratives embedded in abstract forms, present familiar scenes with a sense of the uncanny, or meditate on the simple beauty of everyday objects. They all ask for contemplation and reflection, be it on the skill of the artist’s hand, the aesthetics of an image, or the suggestion of narrative within. This opportunity to view and celebrate exclusively local talent will be continued annually at the EAGM. The artists who participated in the EAGM Annual Members' Show were: Cheryl Andrist, Lindsay Arnold, Sheila Farstad, Byron Fichter, Garnet Hall, Melanie Hiske, Wade Kotelo, Wendy Methot, Judy Swallow, Corinne Trebick-Gibson and Marleen Vicary.

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