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The Edge | Norma Jones | Project Space

January 10th - February 26th, 2014

Norma Jones, The Edge #1, 2012, cutwork watercolour, 17" x 14". Image courtesy of the artist.

Each of the “Edge” series is a detailed cutwork pattern layered onto a delicate background wash of watercolour. This design is abstracted organic and originates from the random pouring of watercolour paint on paper. The image I come up with often depends upon my mood of the moment and is similar to seeing pictures in cloud formations. The shapes are then cut from the paper and attached to a background which shows it to its best advantage. The style has been ongoing for a number of years. The abstracted, somewhat random design balances out the highly detailed paintings I also do, though with me very little is simple, whether abstract or realistic. - Norma Jones, 2013 Curated by Alex King

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