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Collection Spotlight: Jack Severson and Michael Lonechild | Project Space

October 30th - December 19th, 2014

(l) Michael Lonechild, Untitled (1976), acrylic on canvas. (r) Jack Severson, Big Storm of '79, Regina, (1979) etching

The Project Space is a small gallery largely dedicated to showcasing the work of artists and craftspeople from Estevan and the surrounding area. During Winter 2014, we presented two exhibitions in our larger galleries comprised of submissions from the local community. This provided an opportunity to highlight two works from the EAGM’s collection, both selected with rural landscape and weather themes in mind. Michael Lonechild (b. 1955, White Bear Reserve, SK) is a reknowned Cree artist known for his romantic interpretations of the disappearing reservation life inspired by his own memories. His lively, colourful scenes often include heartfelt depictions of animals (frequently horses), nature and figures in harmony with both. One hallmark of his work is in the overlaid layers of paint, which he calls an “overlapping style”. This can be seen in the thick impasto on the outbuilding in Untitled (1976), the work on display. Lonechild has exhibited widely and is included in many public and private collections. Jack Severson (b. 1948, Regina, SK) has exhibited widely across Canada with his oil, acrylic, collage, pen, ink and print works. Educated at the University of North Dakota, he attended the highly-regarded Emma Lake workshops under noted artists R.B. Kitaj and William Wiley. In addition to his artistic practice, he taught at the First Nations University of Canada, Regina. He is represented in major collections, including the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, the Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board, from whom the work on display was donated. Big Storm of ’79, Regina (etching, 1979) depicts a swirling rural etching inspired by the events of August 8th, 1979, where hail, rain and tornadoes ravaged the area.

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