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Love Notes | Project Space

January 8th - February 28th, 2015

The exhibitions I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours and Quixotic examine romance and relationships. In the former, contemporary online dating is studied, revealing the experience to include a medley of sexually-charged interactions, fantasies, misogyny and hopefulness in a critical and playful series of artworks. In Quixotic, Susan Bozic’s photographic series The Dating Portfolio captures her dates with Carl, a mannequin. Carl’s presence can only mimic a partner, suggesting the falsehoods embedded in our relationships, and how our partners may perform as projections of our own desires. In response to these exhibitions, the EAGM asked residents of Southeast Saskatchewan to get creative and visually express their own thoughts on love for the exhibition Love Notes. We wanted to know what they hold nearest and dearest to their hearts, but also if they feel critical of love and romance and its dominance in everyday life and visual culture. Is romantic love a cultural construct? If the word love is used to describe a complex multitude of feelings and relationships, is it simply too reductive? What happens when loves goes wrong, or simply goes away? Participants created their own ode to amour in the form of a creative, pictorial 'love note'. With a question that spoke to a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds, submissions were welcomed from all skill-levels, and limited only by imagination. As a non-profit organization in the service of Estevan and the surrounding area, the EAGM is committed to making art, culture and history accessible, meaningful and vital to diverse audiences of all ages. Community exhibitions seek to inspire creativity and engagement, and allow the EAGM to connect with the community at large. Curated by Alex King

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