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Estevan Women: The Dynamics | Shaun Harrison | Gallery 2

November 10th - December 16th, 2016

Shaun Harrison, Portrait of Evelyn Johnson, photographic print, 1998.

The recent passing of Evelyn Johnson, an avid cultural supporter, inspired us to ressurect Estevan Women: The Dynamics from our vault. Evelyn participated in the project and sat for one of the photos. Estevan Women: The Dynamics features fifteen different women from Estevan and was exhibited in the Estevan National Exhibition Centre, now Estevan Art Gallery and Museum, in October of 1998 to celebrate Women’s History Month.

The Curator of the exhibition wrote:

The women featured in this exhibition symbolize the contributions, skills and abilities of women everywhere. As in most typical gatherings of women, diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds are represented. Their collective experiences span eight decades. Their educational backgrounds and training are varies. Their contributions to life in Estevan are evident in the arts and culture, sports and recreation, education, politics, business, agriculture, family life, science and the public service sector. Some are native to Estevan and others have travelled from afar. Many have left and then returned. Like most women, daily life is a struggle to balance their many roles.

The project was collaboration between the Estevan Comprehensive School, specifically educator Kathy Brown and her English students, Heather Prystay, and Lorrie Gorenko who conducted the interviews and wrote the accompanying biographical essays and photographer Shaun Harrison.

As we approach Canada’s sesquicentennial next year, we wonder, who would nominate to be in the 2017 version of this project? We encourage you to nominate people below in our guest book. Please leave your phone number for contact or if you prefer e-mail Amber at Selected nominees will have their photograph taken for an exhibition that will take place in this same gallery in July/August of 2017. Don’t hesitate to nominate more than one person. We want to hear from you!

Amber Andersen, Director/Curator, 2016

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