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Ev Johnson Memorial Adjudicated Art Show, organised by the Estevan Arts Council | Gallery 1

November 10th - December 16th, 2016

Installation view of some of the works by artists featured in this adjudication (from left to right); Sheila Farstad, Ken Frederickson, Tamara Irwin, Sandra Pryon, and Cathy Wysman.

Throughout the province of Saskatchewan, adjudications are hosted and funded partly by arts councils and by the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC) through Saskatchewan Lotteries and the Saskatchewan Arts Board. The Estevan Arts Council has been organising a yearly Adjudicated Art Show since 1984. The goal of this programme is to promote the growth of culture by providing opportunities for emerging artists to show their work. This allows artists to participate in informational and hands-on workshops and develop critical skills through participating in group and individual critiques with adjudicators.

About the Adjudicator

Diana Chisholm has recently had work in the project space of the EAGM while doing community outreach for the Estevan Arts Council as the Artist-in-Residence. Currently Diana is working as the Visual & Media Arts Assistant with the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils.

Diana's practice is routed in explorations of place and space with a focus on interstitiality and ideas of continual flux. She uses the actualised space of three-dimension to explore the possibility of form, and the illusionary space of photography as a document of the historical. Material concerns within the work range from traditional casting methods, the low materials of industrial construction, to the craft supplies of domestic production.

Participating artists included: Sheila Farstad, Ken Frederickson, Frances Paszkowski, Tamara Irwin, Sandra Pryon, Rebecca Eddy, Cathy Wysman, Marleen Vicary, and Brenda Blackburn.

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