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The Art Goes In The Box | Cam McKay | Project Space

January 13th - February 24th, 2017

McKay, Terrific Points of Contact, acrylic, cedar, canvas, 2016.

Without a crate, artwork could never reach its destination safely and in the pristine condition a collector or gallery expects.

To make a fine art crate, one must pair the packing material to the artwork. Specially designed crates are lined with high quality material to cushion the work and provide the utmost protection against vibration and friction during shipping.

Artwork is at its most vulnerable when it is being transported. Whenever possible, it is best to store artwork in its protective case..and never take it out.

- Artist Statement, January 13, 2017


Cameron McKay might have been an architect, but his design ideas are too ridiculous for city planners. Instead, he makes art inspired by urban spaces in transition. Glass, cedar, concrete and intricate scaffolding mix with a playful use of colour in his works.

His pieces blur the line between sculpture and painting, and he has fun playing with the boundaries of each medium. His goal is to create art that is fussy and precise in execution but doesn’t feel laboured.

Cameron McKay is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and completed his studio art education at the University of Saskatchewan.

- Biography courtesy of artist, January 13, 2017

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